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Jul 31, 2017’s a Larry Kudlow Monday!! The former Ronald Reagan economist, CNBC contributor, and syndicated radio host weighs in on money, politics, tax reform-- and more!  Hear from Larry's guests who are truly movers and shakers in Washington. Lots to cover on today's show!! Don't miss...

Jul 28, 2017

Americans made 433 million fewer trips to restaurants at lunchtime last year, resulting in roughly $3.2 billion dollars in lost business for restaurants as an industry, according to market-research. It was the lowest level of lunch traffic in at least four decades! Is going out for lunch a Dying Tradition? For some...

Jul 27, 2017

We’re going to analyze top dividend paying stocks in the health care sector and see which may qualify for the Black Diamond Dividend Portfolio. Then, estate planning attorney Richard Dwornik will talk about the biggest mistakes made when choosing beneficiaries in a living trust 

Jul 26, 2017

we’re going to analyze a famous dividend stock to see if it is worthy of having in your portfolio  and then Steve will do a comparison of Next Generation fixed index annuities versus expensive and risky variable annuities


Jul 25, 2017

We’re going to be talking about the booming business of renting your second home with just a few clicks on the internet-- like a hotel on AirBnB, VRBO and now Expedia and! Find out how big dollars are being made and what the next big IPO could be! And we may even hear from Bill Tatro before its all over...