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Aug 31, 2018

Reinvesting dividends is one of the most powerful tools available for boosting investment returns over time. It’s not opinion, it is traceable, trackable, mathematical fact. Without reinvesting dividends,  $1,000 dollars invested on January first of 1993 in the MSCI World Index, would have grown to $3,231 dollars by March of 2018-- a 324% increase representing a 5.9% compounded return. But by REINVESTING all dividends, the same one thousand dollars would have grown to $6,416, nearly twice the amount! With dividends reinvested, buying the identical stocks, the annualized return would have been 8.3% compounded and  total return of over 640%! Today on Mastering Money, we'll explore exactly why and how a quality dividend reinvestment portfolio can grow retirement WEALTH, often with less risk!  We'll also see how pairing dividend stocks alongside annuities can grow your net worth! Don't miss TODAY'S show--- MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!