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Oct 26, 2021

A Wall Street Journal-published-report points out that many of us routinely—and even BLINDLY—rely on the advice of ALGORITHMS in all aspects of our lives today, from choosing the fastest route to the airport to deciding how to invest our retirement savings. In short, WE are programmed-- not just our phones. And we’ve come to rely on—and trust—algorithms for many things we do.  ….But should we trust them as much as we do? Research suggests maybe we shouldn’t.  Especially when it comes to high-stakes financial decisions that can affect our retirement savings.  Algorithmic trading uses computer programs to trade at high speeds and volume. Today, four fifths of all trades in the U.S. stock market are either fully or partially done by algorithms. Index funds are especially vulnerable. Today, we'll explain how to build a retirement investment strategy that can benefit from algorithms, not be crushed by them.  A very timely show you don't want to miss...MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!