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Sep 12, 2019

Elizabeth Warren wants to be your president, and she is now pulling even with Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.  Unlike Sleepy Joe, Senator Warren is a high energy pusher of a form of socialized capitalism that she has renamed "Accountable" capitalism. It has a more saleable ring to it, but under her policies, all corporations worth more than one billion dollars--which comprise almost everyone's 401k and IRA, would have to form all new charters with a new board of directors. Under the  Warren charter, companies currently dedicated to their shareholders’ interest would be reordered to serve the interests of numerous new “stakeholders,” including “the workforce,” “the community,” “customers,” “the local and global environment” and “community and societal factors” --including global warming. Today, we have an incisive Wall Street Journal analysis of her plan done by former Senate Banking Chairman Phil Gramm that you don't want to miss, with CUTTING EDGE planning tips on building retirement wealth the SMART WAY.  ...MASTERING MONEY is on the air.