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Jun 30, 2022

Tough markets never last, but tough countries and tough companies do! There are the companies that weather the roughest economic storms because of the necessity of their products and services. They have dominant market shares. They strive to not only PAY a dividend every year, but also to GROW that dividend every year. And as the old saying goes, DIVIDENDS DON'T LIE!. Some companies were so tough,  they kept paying their growing dividends during the 2008 crisis, and have outperformed the S & P over ten and twenty years.  AND--They are paying those dividends NOW Many of the winners are members of the Black Diamond Dividend portfolio. Today, Steve and I will "name names"--the list of companies CUTTING or eliminating dividends, and the list  may shock you! Learn why the quality you'll find in he Black Diamond and Blue Diamond Portfolios is where you want to be!  Don't miss today's show....MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!