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Dec 30, 2021

Today on Mastering Money, a very special guest joins us--Chris Hill, long time Wizard for the Motley Fool and host of the Motley Fool Money Show.  Steve and Chris will share views on the market.  But first..…Planning a financial portfolio for retirement is much like building a custom home. To build a custom home, you start with a blueprint that details not only what your house will look like, but how the individual components will come together--starting with the Foundation. To do it right, you must first know what your objectives are. You and your designer work together to draw a plan that includes every room and every detail of each room until you have a full set of construction plans, plus a list of materials and resources needed to build the house in a timely manner. Today, we'll discuss how to build a financial plan for retirement that can weather all storms, MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!