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Dec 27, 2022

Older Americans are selling off the stock market, slowly but relentlessly…. to junior generations.  According to CNBC, Baby boomers own an outsized helping of the market and are constantly reducing it--due to RMDs and other factors.  This is a process that is non-stop because 250,000 boomers turn 72 every ninety days. Analysts point out it will have an effect on  supply and demand for equities in the short, medium, and long runs.  Millennials, now the largest generation by population, lack the financial wherewithal to pick up the slack.  How will this long term drain, expected to accelerate over the next five and ten years, affect your investments?  What changes to your current financial plan might you make to make sure your retirement is not impacted?  We'll lay out all the statistics, with some very timely strategy choices you'll want to know more about. Don't miss it....MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!!