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Oct 27, 2021

It seems everyone wants to do a Roth conversion—until it’s actually time to write checks to the IRS!  Roth conversions sound appealing, but they don’t always make sense-- according to many CPAs-- especially the closer you get to age 70.   That said,  a Roth conversion can be a powerful tax planning technique. The idea behind most Roth conversions is to take money from a substantial IRA account, and convert it systematically to a Roth IRA, getting rid of taxes permanently on that money.   The Tax Cut and Jobs Act lowered taxes, creating a Roth conversion strategy known as "filling the middle brackets."  We'll review that strategy, as well as the perfectly legal "Back-Door-Roth" strategy. Then Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q & A.  A fact-filled show for you today that you surely don't want to miss...... MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!